Fire Extinguishers

As it offers superior fire fighting capacity against all classes of fire, it is the ideal multipurpose fire extinguisher. It can be used to extinguish Class A carbonaceous fire by sealing the burning embers, Class B flammable liquid fires and Class C inflammable gas fires.

Special Product Features:

1. A very versatile, multipurpose extinguisher.

2. High Extinguishing efficiency.

3. User friendly, quick activation, requiring no special expertise.

4. Ensures 100 confidense and safety when actually being put to use.

5. Blends with your decor.

6. High corrosion resistance as the cylinders are coated with high quality UV resistant epoxy having phosphate under tratment.

7. Capability to withstand wide temperature changes ranging from -20*C to +60*C.

8. Environment friendly.

9. Designed and manufactured as per European Standard and certified to IS : 13849 Satndard.

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